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Care and Maintenance: How to Extend the Life of Your ATV


The first ATV was built in 1893 by Royal Enfield, who called it a quadracycle. If you have longed for an ATV for years, saved for one, and are looking for one, care and maintenance is critical. If you want to extend the life of your ATV for as long as you've been longing for it, follow this simple maintenance guide for ATVs.

Check the Oil

As with your car, if you don't maintain the oil on your ATV, you are shortening its lifespan. ATVs need regular maintenance and oil changes as does any other machinery with an engine.

It is easy to learn how to check and change the oil of your ATV. If you learn how to do it, it will also be easier to remember to do it on your own. Because you use your ATV for adventure, its oil may need changing more often.

The smaller the engine on your ATV, the more sensitive it is to various weights of oil. You will only need a few quarts for every oil change. Check the oil with every fuel up.

Wash It Regularly

ATVs need to be washed regularly in order to ensure your sense of adventure doesn't result in chipped paint which leads to rust. You can take it to the car wash every week that you use it.

Simply rinsing it with the hose when it gets dirty will help maintain your paint job as well.

Storage Protection

ATVs need to be protected in every season just like your car does. Storage protection during the winter or bad weather is one way to protect your ATV. The goal here is to protect your ATV from weather damage, to extend the life of the vehicle.

ATVs need this so that they are not only protected from exterior damage, but also interior. An ATV that has been slammed with weather may just not start up again. Find a way to protect your ATV.

Care for Your ATV

To extend the life of your ATV, these are the most common starting points. Oil, wash, and protection are three simple things that ATVs need regularly. You can learn how to change your oil yourself, or, having it serviced regularly is just as handy. Create alerts where you can to make sure you stay on top of these ways to care for your ATV.

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5 Top Tips for Buying Used Harleys for Sale

used harleys for sale

Harley Davidson motorcycles are arguably the most iconic motorcycles of all time. Many bikes are now coming out of their winter hibernation. It may be a good time for a motorcycle enthusiast to look at used Harleys for sale and perhaps acquire one for themselves.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 50% of motorcycles registered in 2018 were at least 11 years old. Buying a pre-owned bike is not as straightforward as picking out a new one. You may need to conduct a little more due diligence on your part before taking ownership of the used Harley Davidson for sale.

Here are five key factors you should consider when picking out used Harleys for sale.

1. Pick the Right Model

Buying a make that is too much to handle can set you up for disappointment, or worse, increase your risk for accidents. New or inexperienced riders may need to pick the right used Harleys for sale that they can easily handle. Visit the dealership in Springfield, MO, and learn more about the different models and their features. You can also attend OEM-sponsored bike events where you can test drive different models. Consider the type of rider that you are before settling on your preferred Harley.

2. Get to Know the Bike's History

Now that you understand the model that you want, you may need to check its service history and past maintenance records. You may need to ensure that the title record is clean. A cycle VIN report can reveal all the relevant information, including any accidents or recalls. The dealership should have their documents in order with certified pre-owned models.

3. Conduct a Thorough Assessment of the Bike's Condition

The most important step when purchasing used Harleys for sale is assessing the condition of the bike you wish to purchase. Skimping on the inspection can have you fixing the motorcycle within no time. Start by examining the exterior. Look for scuff marks, leaks, corrosion, and mismatched paint. Check the tire, brakes, and clutch for wear.

Turn on the ignition, and the engine starts after approximately two to three seconds. Check the electrical systems, including low and high beam lights, brake lights, turn signals, horn, and the speedometer. Listen for any cluttering noises from the engine. Be wary of any warning signs that stay on the multi-functional display.

4. Consider a Test Ride

Having checked the bike, you may request the seller for a test ride to get a feel of the used Harley Davidson for sale. Some sellers may object, and you shouldn't take it personally. If given a chance, use the ride to catch any performance issues with the motorcycle.

5. Price

You can now negotiate a good price for your motorcycle. The price may vary considerably depending on the model and condition of the bike. You can do a quick search online to determine the current market value for the year model that you wish to have.

Used Harley Davidson motorcycles can provide an exciting entry to your motorcycle ownership journey. Use the tips above to find the right bike for you. For used Harleys for sale in Springfield, MO, reach out to Young Blood Powersports.

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The Beginner's Guide to ATV Safety

powersports vehicles

Sure, ATVs look cool and are a really fun way to be outside, but they can also be dangerous if you're not careful. From proper safety gear to proper training, here are a few tips to be sure your rides are smooth, exciting, and injury-free.

1. Proper Safety Gear

As any enthusiast of powersports vehicles knows, safety starts before you even get on the vehicle. It doesn't matter if it is a dirt bike, ATV, or motorcycle, wearing safety gear is really important. At a minimum, you should wear a helmet and goggles. Additional safety gear would be boots that cover your ankles and riding gloves as well as wearing full-length pants and a long-sleeved shirt, this way you won't lose any skin in an accident.

2. Inspect Your Vehicle

Since people take powersports vehicles off-road a lot, you need to make sure yours is in good condition before each ride. You should check your tires for wear and damage. Check that all the wires are properly connected so your controls work and look at the chain to make sure none of the teeth are worn and that it's properly lubricated. Making sure your vehicle is in good repair can prevent accidents from it seizing up unexpectedly and flipping.

3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

You need to be aware of what is around you as you ride. Imagine coming up around a corner and getting smacked in a face by a branch, or going down a trail and suddenly having to swerve for a tortoise on the path. By keeping your head on a swivel and making sure you are aware of your surroundings, you can minimize your risk of flipping your ATV and damaging it.

4. Proper Training

If you are planning on riding any of the powersports vehicles then you need proper training. This is especially important when riding sports ATVs or lightweight quads that range in size from 250cc on up to 700cc, as they are especially easy to flip without training. There are many places that provide proper training; your local riding park should be able to recommend someone.

With the proper training you will be better able to be aware of your surroundings. By inspecting your ATV before each ride and wearing proper safety gear you can be sure to enjoy your ride and come home in one piece.

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Do I Need a License to Ride a Jet Ski?

jet ski

Every summer, many people get excited and head out to the water for the boating season. During the warmer season, the weather will be great and if you have everything you need, having fun is guaranteed. If you are thinking of going into the water with your jet ski, make it a point to have your boating license. Even if they are smaller than boats, you will still be required to have a license if you want to have fun with your jet ski.

Is a Personal Watercraft License Necessary?

Many people are confused when it comes to personal watercraft licenses. One point to note is that while they may not look like your regular boats, personal watercraft fall under the same boating laws as any other large vessel.

There are many accidents that take place in water that are linked to personal watercraft. In 2019, 19% of all boating accidents involved watercraft and there were about 600 deaths recorded. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that whoever is using the watercraft is skilled enough and they are legally permitted to operate one. As long as you have your boating license, the only other thing you will need is a life jacket and you will be good to go.

Is There a Separate Jet Ski License?

You should also note that there are no separate jet ski licenses. All that you need to know is encompassed in the regular boating safety course. There are, however, separate requirements for those who want to operate jet skis, and these differ according to the state.

It is a good idea to enroll in a jet ski proficiency course so that you can operate it safely. The course will enable you to gain confidence and will also enable you to rent a jet ski easily, especially if you go abroad.

Is a Jet Ski License Necessary if I Want to Rent One Abroad?

There are different licensing requirements for different countries. This means that you might be required to have a jet ski license or not, depending on where you are. However, it is safer to just have your jet ski license on you if you plan to operate one when you go on vacation. That way you will be covered no matter the requirements of where you are. Additionally, the licensing isn't really about the paper or licensing record, it is mainly about safety and ensuring that you are well versed with safety regulations and procedures. You shouldn't view it as an inconvenience but an added advantage.

If you are a parent and your kids are interested in operating jet skis or racing them, it is important to ensure that they are licensed. In 2017, there were about 5.42 million people six years and older who were taking part in jet skiing. Having your kids licensed will benefit them in a lot of ways, with safety being the number one advantage.

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4 Key Considerations When Choosing the Right Jet Ski For Sale

Few moments can match the excitement when you finally bring a personal watercraft home. The prospect of taking your new PWC out for quick getaways will capture your imagination. When you find the right jet ski for sale, adventure awaits.

The speed, acceleration, and agility of these personal watercraft provide a similar experience to riding high-performance motorcycles on water. To get enjoy this personalized experience, you may need to find the right jet ski for sale from your local Powersports dealership. Here are key factors to keep in mind before making your selection.

1. The Purpose of Your New Jet Ski

Summer is soon approaching, which means you may be itching to do donuts in all the lakes around your region. There are many ways you can enjoy personal watercraft. From family fun to solo sporting, the jet ski for sale can satisfy any water need.

You can use it as a perfect introduction to powerboating. You can also share it with your family out in the water. Are you an adrenaline junkie? The high-performance jet ski series will deliver the excitement you seek. Learning the ways you will most likely use the PWC can help you make the right fit.

2. Fresh Water Vs Salt Water Jet Skiing

Where you plan to jet ski is a crucial factor that can affect your choice. If you are in an inland lake or canal, a closed cooling system may not matter. For ocean and intercoastal waterways excursions, you may need to take precautions as the salty water can cause damage to your PWC. High-salt environments can cause potential maintenance problems. The Powersports dealership in Springfield, MO can help you pick the right jet ski for fresh or saltwater.

3. New Vs Used Jet Ski For Sale

Another key factor to keep in mind is whether to drive off with a new PWC or used jet ski. You may need to make several considerations before settling on the right unit. Where will you use the jet ski? What’s your skill level? Your budget estimate is also a key aspect to consider.

New jet ski for sale ensures that you purchase a unit without any wear and tear, the latest features, and extensive warranties. A used PWC is an excellent option for beginners, allowing you to adapt to the financial responsibilities while still learning to become a pro. All these at a fraction of the cost of a new model.

4. Reputable Kawasaki Dealer

Unknown to many, Jet Ski is just a brand name under the Kawasaki Powersports. Almost all PWCs are sold under Powersports dealerships that may also stock motorcycles, ATVs, Quads, UTVs, and snowmobiles. Take time to research the Kawasaki jet ski dealer in Springfield, MO. A reputable dealership will help facilitate the purchase of the Jet Ski for sale, with financing and registration filing. You may also enjoy discounted prices and warranties from authorized dealers.

Make the Right Choice Today

Owning a jet ski is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the thrill of power watersports. Take time to research the Kawasaki dealer and the jet ski model you wish to purchase. If still unsure of what to look for, drop in at Youngblood Powersports in Springfield, MO for guidance.

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7 Key Benefits of Purchasing Your All-Terrain Vehicle From an Authorized Kawasaki Dealer

kawasaki dealer

The Powersports industry has continued to experience healthy growth margins over the last decade. The global market valuation stood at $11 billion as of 2018 and is expected to cross over $50 billion by 2026. Innovations by the different manufacturers competing to improve the overall off-road experience continue to spur growth.

Kawasaki dealers stock a variety of ATVs, motorcycles, UTVs, and more that offer fun and utility to their owners. Here are seven advantages of buying from a Kawasaki dealer in Springfield, MO.

1. Larger Inventory

Authorized dealerships offer a wider Kawasaki inventory to choose from. You may be spoilt for choice as you walk through the rows of new and used models and makes of ATVs. The large inventory allows you to find the perfect fit for your outdoor needs. Check out the Kawasaki dealer’s website for more information on the vehicles currently in stock.

2. Technical Expertise

The sales agents at a Kawasaki dealer shop are well trained and acquainted with the utility and performance expectations of the various ATV models in the showroom. Their knowledge and skill may be vital in finding the right fit for your recreational needs. You receive technical advice that can help you make an informed decision during your purchase.

3. Flexible Financing

Pricing is a critical factor that will determine the type of Kawasaki ATV that you drive off the showroom. Working with an authorized Kawasaki dealer allows you to enjoy favorable pricing through the MSRP and rebates. Most Powersports dealerships will offer flexible payment options that will smoothen your path to owning an off-road vehicle. Additionally, you can enjoy attractive discounts that can lower the final cost of purchase.

4. OEM Parts

Another benefit of purchasing from authorized Kawasaki dealerships is the access to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Genuine replacement parts are key in maintaining your ATV in prime condition. The components meet the standard quality and engineering expected of Kawasaki off-road vehicles. You can browse for different original parts from the dealer’s website.

5. Additional Perks

Every Powersports dealership will offer unique after-sale offers and perks to their customers. Purchasing from an authorized Kawasaki dealer allows you to enjoy rebates, discounts, and other incentives. You may also access maintenance services for your ATV that can help you keep it in pristine condition.

6. Customer Service

The moment you drive off your motorcycle or ATV from the showroom will be the start of a long relationship with your Kawasaki dealer. You can enjoy stellar customer service defined through the dealership agreement. Most dealers invest in well-maintained showrooms and service areas that create a relaxing atmosphere for the customer as they make their big decision.

7. Warranties

You also enjoy the manufacturer’s warranty options that come with the new Powersports vehicles. The warranty cover may take care of the costs of servicing and repairs over a certain period or milage cover.

Powersports are increasingly getting popular as more Americans embrace outdoor recreational activities. A Kawasaki dealer can help you find the best all-terrain vehicle for your needs. Feel free to walk into Young Blood RV and Powersports to find the best ATV offers in all of Missouri.

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A Simple Guide to Jet Ski Maintenance

jet skis

Summer is just around the corner, and there are few greater joys than whipping around the waves on your personal watercraft on hot, sunny days. Jet skis, of course, are wildly popular – in 2017, the number of jet ski participants aged six and older reached approximately 5.42 million.

While there's much fun to be had on the water, owning a jet ski comes with a great deal of responsibility as well. Any powersports dealership will tell you that to keep your jet skis in tip-top shape, you'll need to do some regular maintenance. Below, you'll find some basic tips to take good care of your personal watercraft so you can be sure to keep the fun going all summer long.

Cleaning Your Jet Ski

Whether you're riding in saltwater or freshwater, cleaning your watercraft should be a critical part of your maintenance routine. After riding, once you're back on dry land:

  1. Detach any removable accessories.
  2. Remove bungs and open up bung plugs to allow water, dirt, and debris to drain out.
  3. Immobilize the trailer wheels and elevate the front of the jet ski to increase drainage.
  4. Spray down the jet ski with a hose, but make sure that water does not enter the air intake, coils, electrical parts, or fuel breather.
  5. After cleaning the body, remember to clean around and underneath the tubs and seats as well as around the pump and intake area.
  6. Rinse the watercraft with clean water and dry it using a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching.

Flushing the Internal Systems

Flushing your jet ski is critical to maintaining the craft's functionality and longevity. To do this, you’ll flush out the insides of the intake, cooling systems, and pump, eliminating any salt or debris that could corrode and damage the system. Every personal watercraft is different, so make sure to refer to your owner's manual before flushing. Most of the time, though, jet skis will need to begin in a level position. The general practice is to blow water from the water box by gently tapping the throttle. In addition to water, you can use a gentle additive cleanser.

Fueling Your Jet Ski

Like your car, your jet ski runs on fuel. And it's a best practice to always keep your personal watercraft's fuel tank full. Again, not all jet skis are the same, so the type of fuel you use may differ depending on your model. Some older models require pre-mixed fuel and oil. However, newer models don’t require this mixing, having separate areas for fuel and oil. When you're ready to put your jet ski in storage for the winter, top off the fuel tank in order to prevent condensation from forming. Then, when you're ready to break out your watercraft again, dump the old fuel remaining in the tank and refill it with fresh fuel.

Cleaning, flushing, and fueling are just the beginning. Make sure to keep up your maintenance schedule. From changing the oil to lubricating the fittings to checking for damage, there are many tasks to keep in mind. Stay organized, take good care of your personal watercraft, and you're sure to have a fun-filled summer.

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What's the Difference Between an ATV and a UTV?


All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) are both considered off-road vehicles. It is, therefore, safe to say that they are siblings but not twins. If you are looking to explore and have a great outdoor adventure, there is no better ride than an ATV. The fact is that such vehicles are designed as off-road vehicles, and as the name suggests, they thrive and perform well on all terrains. However, if you are looking for versatility, a UTV is your best option.

What's an ATV?

ATVs, also known as quads, are four-wheeled and at times three-wheel off-road vehicles. ATVs are often used for outdoor recreational activities such as trail riding and hunting.

ATVs can accommodate a maximum of two people at a time and are steered by a set of handlebars. Designed with electronic power steering and 4x4 powertrain, ATVs can perfectly handle turns and abrupt directional changes. Sports ATVs are lightweight quads that range in size from 250cc up to 700cc.

What's a UTV?

Also known as side-by-sides, UTVs can also be termed as quads. Some have been customized and have six wheels. As opposed to ATVs that are steered by handlebars, UTVs are operated by a steering wheel. It can accommodate a maximum of four people.

Difference Between ATVs and UTVS

Both UTVs and ATVs have their benefits, and you need to know your options to make the right decision. Some distinct features separate the two.


ATV is generally smaller than UTV in terms of capacity and physical appearance. They are therefore suitable for people who want to ride alone and are often considered for racing. UTV is larger, and it can hold up to four people. It is the perfect fit for a group ride for its capacity and safety features. As opposed to ATV on which you need to maintain balance, UTV is more comfortable and has a large storage space.


ATV is said to be cheaper and thus a budget-friendly option. As a potential buyer, it is recommended that you look into additional costs and safety features. Both vehicles can be modified and customized for more specialized tasks and customer needs. UTV modification tends to be more expensive than ATV.

Safety Features

ATV, in most cases, does not have safety equipment. If you intend to ride alone and stand at high speed, then an ATV is your vehicle. If, however you are looking for a safer option, go for a UTV. UTV provides you with adequate space to add safety gear and ride with more people.

When it comes to outdoor activities, keeping safe is paramount. The type of off-road vehicle you choose doesn't matter as such; the fact is that you can customize either of them to suit your needs.

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4 Reasons Why People Love Harley Davidsons

There is something about a motorcycle. Owning a motorcycle has connected with a sense of freedom, even being something of a rebel. There are a lot of reasons why you may consider riding a motorcycle yourself; perhaps you want to be more connected to the open road and the environment around you. Maybe you simply love the image. But there is a difference between enjoying a motorcycle ride from time to time and truly loving motorcycles. After all, motorcycles can be major investments, whether you're considering Kawasakis for sale or a used Harley Davidson for sale. But for a lot of people, if they're going to invest in motorcycles at all, they're going to invest in Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Harley Davidson motorcycles are perhaps the most iconic motorcycles of all. They're associated with old school biker clubs, as well as celebrities of the 1950s who pioneered the pop culture associations with motorcycles. With that being said, let's explore some of the different advantages of buying a used Harley Davidson motorcycle for sale.

1. Continuous Value

There is a reason why you should consider Harley Davidson motorcycles for sale as opposed to other types of motorcycles. When you buy any type of serious purchase, you want to buy the best product, rather than the least expensive product. Harley Davidson motorcycles are heavy duty vehicles that are built to last.

One reason why a used Harley Davidson for sale is often preferred to other types of motorcycles is that they are highly customizable. Once you buy your motorcycle, you can make alterations that will suit your needs as well as your body as a rider. Motorcycle riders are not only the burly men you may have in your mind's eye. In fact, in 2018 about 19% of all motorcycle owners were women. The great thing about Harley Davidson motorcycles, in addition, is that if a motorcycle experiences wear and tear and needs to have a part replaced, it's fairly easy to do so. Harley Davidson motorcycle parts are sold across the U.S., and they aren't necessarily overly expensive. So while a Harley Davidson is a major investment purchase, its value lasts because this type of vehicle can be maintained in a fairly straightforward manner over time.

2. The Community

As previously mentioned, there is a broad range of people across the U.S. that own motorcycles. After you buy a used Harley Davidson for sale, you become a part of iconic Americana and additionally a worldwide community. People love Harley Davidson motorcycles, and they love being social and connecting with other people over their motorcycles.

Although motorcycle clubs are one thing, and usually reserved for only the most passionate of riders, there are plenty of other ways to connect with people over your Harley Davidson motorcycle. You can go to rallies and enjoy motorcycle shows. Lots of people maintain their motorcycles for years just for the chance to show them off every now and then, connecting with other motorcycle owners.

3. Simple Maintenance

Overall, motorcycles are not overly difficult to maintain, but Harley Davidson motorcycles are especially straightforward. This is in part because they're quite classic, and therefore there are lots of mechanics that are familiar with Harley Davison motorcycles.

When considered a used Harley Davidson for sale, you should have a potential mechanic that you can work with in mind. But understand too that you can do a lot of your own Harley Davidson maintenance yourself. Potentially, you can even ask your motorcycle dealer for tips on maintaining your motorcycle. Harley Davison motorcycles are well-built, and additionally, they're quite hard to damage. Therefore, you won't have to fix them often; but when you do, you can handle a lot of their issues yourself.

4. Huge Engines

One of the benefits of owning a Harley Davison is that these types of motorcycles have quite big engines. With V-Twin engines, Harley Davidson motorcycles have a great deal of power and can be trusted to deliver. This is why, for many people, investing in a motorcycle means investing in a Harley.

It can be difficult to decide whether or not you're ready to invest in a motorcycle. But when you are, get in touch with your dealer about pre-owned Harley Davidsons. You may be amazed by what you find.

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Advantages That Only Motorcycle Owners Experience

kawasaki for sale

We often hear about the risks involved when people travel by motorcycle. Motorcycle travel is often painted as something that only young and reckless people do. However, about half of all motorcycles that were registered in 2018 were at least 11 years old, indicating that a lot of the people who love motorcycles keep them for quite a while and don't buy brand new motorcycles impulsively. This is because a lot of responsible motorcycle riders understand that there are actually a lot of benefits to using motorcycles.

Of course, part of reaping the benefits of owning a motorcycle is buying the right type of motorcycle in the first place. This is why it's important to take advantage of great deals if you find a Kawasaki for sale from one of the many reputable motorcycle dealers. But what you do once you have your motorcycle is really up to you. With that being said, let's explore some of the advantages of owning a motorcycle outright.

1. Cost Efficiency

Yes, you can actually save money in the long term if you buy a Kawasaki for sale that you've been eyeing. Kawasaki motorcycles, like other motorcycles, offer owners some cost benefits over time. This is because you use a lot less gas when riding a motorcycle as opposed to driving a traditional vehicle like a car. Additionally, a motorcycle can be less expensive to maintain than some comparable cars. When well-maintained, a motorcycle can last for years and be a reliable form of transportation, while functioning with less fuel.

2. The Social Aspect

No, we aren't necessarily talking about motorcycle clubs. We're talking about the social interactions that come from hanging out with other genuine motorcycle enthusiasts. If you have a motorcycle, chances are that you love motorcycles in many different ways. Motorcycles are not like cars, which people buy out of necessity. People buy motorcycles because they love them, and loving motorcycles can open the doors to conventions and enthusiast groups, as well as rallies.

Additionally, chances are that you'll find more people walking up to you to ask about your motorcycle when you're riding it. Motorcycles are great conversation starters, whether you're looking at a Kawasaki for sale or pre-owned Harley Davidson motorcycles.

3. You Can Go Off the Beaten Track

You don't necessarily have to stick with the highway if you're riding a motorcycle. It's easier for you to take the literal roads less traveled when you're traveling by bike, as it were.

Motorcyclists find it much easier to travel on narrow roads and to move forward through winding paths. This is because their vehicles are, of course, much smaller than cars. Therefore, they are able to take shortcuts that car drivers may not have access to. In some cases, it can be safer to drive by motorcycle than it is to drive by car due to the difficulty that you may have when navigating by car.

4. The Individual Experience

No more than two people can ride on a single motorcycle at one time. If you're looking for a Kawasaki for sale, you're probably already dreaming of the relaxing experience that is riding a motorcycle by yourself. Riding a motorcycle gives you the kind of individuality that you've probably already craved, and you don't need to share your motorcycle with anyone.

5. Experience the Landscape

When you're riding a motorcycle, you get to have a completely unique experience. There is nothing separating you from the landscape. This allows you to certainly more easily stop on the side of the road and take amazing selfies. But it also allows you to more easily connect with nature. Sure, this may mean that you'll have to experience a bit of rain every now and then. But isn't it worth it in the long term?

These are just a few of the benefits that come from owning a motorcycle, but there are many more to think about as you consider buying a motorcycle. Just make sure that you're getting exactly what you want when you purchase one!

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