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UTV Safety Tips

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A UTV is a Utility Terrain Vehicle that is similar to an ATV but it isn't as nimble. It is faster, more powerful, and has a speed that maxes between 25 mph and 50 mph. A UTV is just as adventurous as an ATV, but you'll need to know your safety rules before you go for a ride. Before you look for a UTV dealer, learn a little more about UTV safety tips you'll need when you buy your first UTV.

Choose the Right Brand

When you are looking for a UTV, do your brand research. It will not be difficult to find a UTV dealer once you start looking.

The most common UTV brands are Polaris, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda Pioneer. All of these brands offer UTVs that are very easy to handle and have a strong safety record. When safety is a concern, as it is with UTVs, you want a brand that you can trust.

Have the Right Gear

Safety gear is critical for any off-roading adventure. For UTVs, you need a helmet, goggles, protective clothing like a chest guard and motorcross attire, and knee guards. UTV helmets that are approved by the Department of Transportation are best.

You'll also need a toolkit. Most tool kits for UTVs include tape, maps, tire pressure gauges, screwdrivers, pliers, air pumps, a knife like a Swiss Army knife, and tire plugs. Adding a first aid kit to your toolbox is a good idea.

Communication Support

It's never a good idea to go out on your UTV alone. Your UTV dealer will tell you how safe they are, and they can be. However, if an accident does occur, it's a serious problem for which you will need support. Bring a friend with you on your UTV adventures. Or, make sure that you let someone know where you are going and when you will be back.

Communication devices are important to take with you, for the same reason. Make sure you are off-roading in areas where you won't lose service. Before you go out, check that your cell phone is charged.

Contact a UTV Dealer

Before you start looking for a UTV dealer, look into all the costs of UTV ownership and what you will need to maintain safety. The tools and safety kits that you will need shouldn't be too expensive. A lot of items you may already have. Purchasing your first set of motorcross attire for safety will be a fun way to launch the exciting life of a UTV owner.

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