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Do's and Don'ts of Motorcycle Maintenance

A motorcycle may be a passion, but it's also quite an investment. People don't buy a motorcycle, wear it out, and then buy another one. They typically buy them to last. In fact, an estimated half of all motorcycles registered in 2018 were at least 11 years old. That in itself is proof that motorcycles can last for a long time. But the question is what must you do in order to ensure that that your motorcycle lasts as long as possible, in the best possible condition. With that in mind, let's explore the ins and outs of motorcycle maintenance.

Do: Use Automotive Soap

Yes, this is worth taking into mind. When cleaning your motorcycle, you may have the impulse to use inexpensive dish soap in order to care for it. But there are a lot of benefits to using real, proper automotive soap. This is because this soap is specifically made for the surface of cars and motorcycles. It will not damage the urethane plastics and metals that make up the surface, nor will it leave any residue. Typically, it's recommended that you use one bucket full of clear water, and one bucket full of soapy water.

Don't: Scrub Bugs Away

It's inevitable that the windshield of your motorcycle will pick up bugs as you ride. The issue that can develop is that the bugs will damage the windshield as you scrub them away. Therefore, wash your windshield gently when removing bugs.

Do: Use A Protective Wax

You may not feel like a protective wax is necessary when you're caring for your motorcycle. But in fact, it's not only necessary but highly beneficial. This essentially creates a protective barrier between your bike and UV rays, as well as various contaminants.

Don't: Power Wash

You may think that power washing your motorcycle will cut down on the time you spend washing your bike. The issue is that power washers are too powerful. They can send water into your bike's sealed bearings, causing serious internal damage.

Do: Check Your Wear Bars

Just like you would with your car's tires, check your bike's wear bars to stay on top of the wear and tear your tires accumulate. This will let you know when to replace them.

If you love your pre-owned Harley Davidson, follow these tips; they can save you a lot of aggravation!

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