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A Fascinating History of the Indian Motorcycle

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Indian Motorcycle Company is a pioneer motorcycle firm in America. Their commitment is based on American craftsmanship, focusing on enduring quality to produce motorcycles. Indian Motorcycles inspire a rapidly growing rider economy. The following is a brief history of the firm.

Becoming Legendary: The First Motorcycle Firm in America (1897 - 1952)

George M. Hendee, the industry pioneer, founded a bicycle manufacturer named Hendee Manufacturing Company in 1987. In 1901, Hendee and his co-founder and chief engineer, Oscar Herdstrom, opened the firm's first factory in downtown Springfield.

Later on, the company experienced tremendous growth based on innovation and motorcycle production. This created the foundation of real American riding culture. In 1923, the firm renamed itself The Indian Motorcycle Company. The firm exhibited surprising resilience in its early years of existence due to its trailblazing success in innovation. Its success records continued regardless of the two world wars and the Great Depression. Surprisingly, despite its brand survival during those tumultuous periods, the company's considerable to the two world wars offered crucial vehicles to both French and American troops on the ground.

Tumultuous Eras and the Struggle for Survival: 1953 - 2010

The company's termination of the manufacture of all its models in 1953 started a 50-year break in its rich history. Despite numerous efforts during this era and the trademark 'Indian Motorcycle' on numerous imported bikes, these tumultuous times were characterized by many changes in ownership. These changes contributed to the divergence of the general success path laid by Indian Motorcycle pioneers. The uncertainty period ended when the Polaris Industry purchased the Company in 2011. This ushered in the renewed success of the company, as witnessed in its early sustained growth.

The Return of the Company: 2011 And Beyond

The 2010s have been a period full of thrilling growth and development for the Indian Motorcycle shop. Rejuvenated by Polaris Industries' acquisition in 2011, the company has since resumed its position as a trailblazer, as witnessed in its early years. The current Indian Motorcycle Company embraces rewarding partnerships, result-based technological innovation, and an ever-growing lineup of authentic and iconic bikes.

Restoring the firm's legacy as a military supporter, the company started a multi-year collaboration with the Veteran's Charity Ride to Sturgis in 2015. The Veteran's Charity Ride is a non-profit institute that focuses on providing curative experiences for severely injured, wounded, and amputee troupers from all military service divisions.

Indian Motorcycle shop continues to be a leading brand in the American riding industry despite its previous ups and downs. The Indian Motorcycle shop has also continued to grow in the U.S. For instance, the number of registered on-road motorcycles in the country grew to 8.3 million in 2018 from 4.2 million in 2002.

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