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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Pontoon Boat

Over the last decade, the resurgence of outboard motors is pushing more Americans to the market in search of boats for sale. One main beneficiary is pontoon boats that are on a straight-up renaissance. It is estimated that the pontoon boat market is bound to reach over $2.5 billion in sales by 2025.

As temperatures continue to soar this summer, nothing would be better than taking out your boat for a day out in the water. Pontoon boats now come in different capabilities and functionalities, from Powersports to personal watercraft for fishing and leisure travel. Proper maintenance can add years to your boat’s service and maintain its fresh look. You may also avoid pricey repairs.

Here are five simple steps that can help keep your pontoon in top condition this summer.

1. Frequently Wash and Clean Your Boat

You may need to clean your boat inside and out after a day out in the water before storage. You may need to wash everything, from the propeller shafts to the cabinet drawers on deck. Clean the fiberglass and aluminum components with the right cleaning solutions. Aluminum may require a dedicated cleaner that ensures that your surfaces maintain their bright and polished finish. Rinse adequately to prevent any soap build-up on your boat.

2. Conduct Regular Checks

You may need to inspect your pontoon boat’s engine, oil levels, spark plugs, and battery. Remember to change your fuel filters. You can consult your manufacturer’s guide on the owner’s manual on the best way to look after your engine. Pontoon boats may also require regular inspection of the exterior for cracks, corrosion, dents, or leaks. Check for mold or mildew growth and have it removed if present. Maintenance service at the boat dealer may ensure it is in a water-ready condition.

3. Cover Your Pontoon When Not in Use

If you aren’t out in the water, cover your boat. You can opt for acrylic, polyester, or vinyl covers custom-made for your pontoon. Be wary of abrasive materials that can damage your finishing when exposed to wind. The cover can protect your boat from rodents, moisture, and mildew formation. You may also get seat covers to protect your upholstery.

4. Remember to Protect Your Gel Coat

Pontoon boats may require additional protection from the sun. Experts recommend that you wax your hull and pontoon tube to protect the laminate. The superior UV filters can protect your exterior from the harsh marine environment. Store your pontoon in a sheltered place whenever possible, preferably indoors.

5. Furniture And Floor Clean-Up

Your furniture and flooring may require additional care during your clean-up process. Experts recommend a thorough cleaning of the furniture and floorboards twice a year. This means washing with soap and water, stain removal, and vacuuming. Be sure to test out your cleaning products on a small surface first to ensure you don’t damage your upholstery. You may need to wait till your interior completely air dries before storing up the boat for winter.

Knowing how to clean and maintain your pontoon boat is critical to its lifespan and performance. The tips above will help protect your investment this summer and in many to come. For more information about pontoon boats, reach out to Young Blood Powersports and Marine.

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