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Care and Maintenance: How to Extend the Life of Your ATV


The first ATV was built in 1893 by Royal Enfield, who called it a quadracycle. If you have longed for an ATV for years, saved for one, and are looking for one, care and maintenance is critical. If you want to extend the life of your ATV for as long as you've been longing for it, follow this simple maintenance guide for ATVs.

Check the Oil

As with your car, if you don't maintain the oil on your ATV, you are shortening its lifespan. ATVs need regular maintenance and oil changes as does any other machinery with an engine.

It is easy to learn how to check and change the oil of your ATV. If you learn how to do it, it will also be easier to remember to do it on your own. Because you use your ATV for adventure, its oil may need changing more often.

The smaller the engine on your ATV, the more sensitive it is to various weights of oil. You will only need a few quarts for every oil change. Check the oil with every fuel up.

Wash It Regularly

ATVs need to be washed regularly in order to ensure your sense of adventure doesn't result in chipped paint which leads to rust. You can take it to the car wash every week that you use it.

Simply rinsing it with the hose when it gets dirty will help maintain your paint job as well.

Storage Protection

ATVs need to be protected in every season just like your car does. Storage protection during the winter or bad weather is one way to protect your ATV. The goal here is to protect your ATV from weather damage, to extend the life of the vehicle.

ATVs need this so that they are not only protected from exterior damage, but also interior. An ATV that has been slammed with weather may just not start up again. Find a way to protect your ATV.

Care for Your ATV

To extend the life of your ATV, these are the most common starting points. Oil, wash, and protection are three simple things that ATVs need regularly. You can learn how to change your oil yourself, or, having it serviced regularly is just as handy. Create alerts where you can to make sure you stay on top of these ways to care for your ATV.

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