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ATV vs UTV: Which Is Right For You?

You have probably heard about ATVs. The question is, have you heard of UTVs, and for that matter do you understand the differences between the two? The fact is that there are some similarities between these two products, as well as some key differences. The more that you understand those similarities and differences, the easier it will be for you to select the product that is right for you. If you're looking for four wheelers for sale, read on to learn about some of the differences between ATVs and UTVs.

What Is An ATV?

An ATV (which stands for all terrain vehicle) may also be referred to as a quad or a four-wheeler. Typically speaking, it is meant for single riders. Many people use ATVs to get across rough terrain, although they may often apply them to fun, sandy beach rides. Of course, there are also sports ATVs to consider, which range in size from 250cc to 700cc and are considered lightweight.

What Is A UTV

The title UTV refers to a utility task vehicle. Usually, UTVs are even larger than ATVs, and they are meant to side by side riding. This can sometimes be referred to as SXS.

What Is Right For You?

So, now that you understand the basic differences between ATVs and UTVs, the question is really what vehicle is right for your specific needs. If you need a vehicle that can be fit into tight spaces, the answer will probably be immediate. ATVs are a good bit smaller than UTVs, and therefore are easier to stash in smaller storage spaces. On the other hand, it can be a bit more difficult to ride and control an ATV. The seat of an ATV must be straddled for optimum balance and control. However, if you want multiple people to ride the vehicle, a UTV is perfect.

Because ATVs are smaller, they are better for tight turns. But at the same time, an ATV may not have the same safety features as a UTV, which will often come with seat belts, windscreens, and cages. Of course, a UTV will likely be more expensive than an ATV. But some buyers consider the expense worth it if they can ensure that their vehicle is safer.

Everyone's needs are different. An ATV will not be right for everyone, and neither will a UTV. But you need to make sure that you're buying the right vehicle before you shop through four wheelers for sale. Give them some test drives before committing!

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