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Which Motorcycle Type Is Best For Your Lifestyle?

Motorcycles have been a very popular form of mass transportation since before the Ford Model T made cars widely available for the masses. With more than a century of development, the current slate of motorcycle types are capable of doing just about anything you might want – short of jumping the Snake River Canyon.

Missouri had 136,901 registered motorcycles in 2018 among all motorcycle types. That number is a good example of the massive popularity of a variety of motorcycles that can do many different things. Anyone considering buying one of the many great types of motorcycles for sale must consider the best bike to the type of riding that will be done.

Road Riding Bikes

If road riding is the preferred kind of riding, several types of motorcycles can do that. Cruisers, adventure bikes, sportbikes, and dual sports all are capable of working very well on public roads. Off-road riding always is best with a dirt bike, but other types can do that, too. A dual sport bike that is designed for road and trail riding is great for exploring trails, two-tracks, and other off-road routes.

Cruisers mostly are big-bore motorcycles that can carry one or two passengers. They might have saddlebags and maybe even a tour pack on the back. A windshield or front fairing is common on many cruisers to help protect against cold wind and bad weather. Naked bikes that do not have fairings or saddlebags also work well on public roads and generally are lighter and more affordable than cruisers.

Race Tracks and Long Tours

Riders who intend to go onto a race track clearly would prefer a sportbike with plenty of power packed inside a lightweight and very aerodynamic body and chassis. Sportbikes are very light and often have very powerful engines that enable highly impressive performance. They can range in displacement size from about 250cc to about 1300cc and possibly more.

Adventure bikes are best suited for long rides that might include some extended trail riding through mountains or across the Great Plains. Adventure bikes usually have a windscreen and possibly a small fairing to protect against weather. Durable panniers hold clothes, food, tools, and other items for long trips that truly are adventurous. Whatever the type of riding to be done, there are ideal motorcycles for sale to do it right.

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