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5 Factors To Consider When Buying Pontoon Boats For Sale

Recreational boating remains a popular leisure activity for many American households. A market report by Statista shows that over 89 million Americans participated in recreational boating in 2019. The respondents mentioned water skiing, fishing, and travel as their top activities while out in the water.

If you have been looking at boats for sale, you have probably realized that it can be quite confusing. Pontoon boats are in the middle of a full-blown renaissance. New, lighter, more powerful engines, novel tube designs, better quality build materials now differentiate the newer models from the traditional “party barge.”

Here are five factors to keep in mind as you pay a visit to the boat dealer in Springfield, MO.

1. Purpose

The activities that you intend to perform on the boat for sale may have a huge bearing on the model and accessories that you pick. Do you love fishing? Or are you an adventure freak that loves watersports and travel? Fishing boats may require adequate fishing chairs, trolling motor, live wells, and rod holders. For leisure travels, comfy coaches, slides, and refrigeration units are desirable features. A platform and ladder are vital if you wish to utilize the boat for watersports.

2. New Vs. Pre-Owned

A key factor to keep in mind is whether to drive off the boat dealership with a new pontoon or used boat. New boats for sale allow you to purchase a unit without any wear or tear, with the latest tech and a solid warranty cover. A pre-owned boat is an excellent option for budget-conscious customers.

3. Boat Condition

Buying a new pontoon may reduce the worry of having to purchase a damaged boat. For pre-owned boats for sale, you may need to conduct a thorough inspection. Check the hull and pontoon tubes for damage. Watch out for extensive patching, welding, cracks, and dents. The laminate ought to be free of bubbles and wrinkles—request for maintenance and service records for the unit.

Watch out for damage to the boat’s interior and flooring. Rot and mold growth can be a huge red flag with potential issues on the structural integrity. You may need a professional reupholstery job if the seat and cushion fabrics are damaged extensively.

4. Size and Engine Capacity

The size of the boat that you purchase may depend on its intended use. Pontoon boats come in different sizes. 16–19-foot boats can carry eight passengers on calm waters, 20–22-foot boats can carry 13 people in large waterways, while 23–27-foot boats can carry up to 17 passengers across rough waters.

The size and purpose of the boat may determine the horsepower needed. Consider how fast you wish to go, the fuel you can afford to burn, and the performance upgrades you wish to have.

5. Budget and Warranties

You may need to determine how much you are willing to splash on your pontoon. You can access marine lenders for a flexible boat financing option. You may need to ask the warranties that the boat seller provides to shield you from expensive repairs down the road.

Only Buy from Trusted Dealers

Owning a boat can make your watersport activities easier to participate in. If you are searching for pontoon boards for sale in Springfield, MO, visit us today. Youngblood Powersports and Marine have a huge selection of pontoon boats by Sun Chaser as well as personal watercrafts for sale.

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