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Tips for Choosing a Pontoon Boat for the Whole Family

After a hectic few months, you will probably appreciate a little spark in your life. Going out into the water with your boat is one great way to do so. According to Statista 2020, there were about 11.84 million registered boats in the U.S. This just shows how many people think boats are fun and important to own. Let's look into how you can pick the right pontoon boat for your family.

Find One with Pop-Up Changing Rooms

If you are about to get on a boat with your family, it might not be a good idea to get on one that doesn't have pop-up changing rooms. Kids are known to have small bladders so when you add a portable toilet to the changing room, you have the perfect solution. That is why you will want to choose pontoon boats with a pop-up changing room with a portable toilet for your kids. Fortunately, pop-up bathrooms are quite easy to set up, and they will give anyone using them adequate privacy.

Food Accessories are Very Important

Hunger is unpredictable, especially when you are dealing with kids. You might think they are full, and then the next moment, they will be acting like they are about starving. Kids are almost always hungry. Therefore, you will want to ensure that you choose a pontoon boat with food accessories. This will enable you to prepare a good square meal conveniently. You can just keep a cooler on board with pre-cooked food. However, depending on how adventurous you are, you can also grill on a boat. There are a few options for pontoon boat grills that you can pick from and have fun in the water with your family.

Storage Space is a Need

You will most likely take a lot of things onto your pontoon boat. You don't want to end up with these things scattered all over. Therefore, you must choose a boat with enough storage so you can keep everything safe and organized. This will also enable you to keep everything safe if you ever need to leave the boat and go somewhere.

These are some of the factors to consider if you are looking at pontoon boats for your family. Make sure you take the time to research so you can choose the best boat for family fun time. If you make the right choice, you can be guaranteed you will have a lot of fun with your family.

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What to Look for When Buying a Used UTV

UTV for sale

Traditionally, a UTV or side-by-side has been used for recreational purposes. However, more and more are finding UTVs to be useful in their daily life, so they are increasingly becoming popular. If you're looking for a UTV for sale for whatever reason, keep in mind there are a few considerations to make. Here are some tips that will help you streamline the UTV shopping process.

Take The UTV for a Long Test Ride

Have you seen a UTV for sale that you like? Then don't rush to buy! This may seem counterintuitive, but it's always better to take the vehicle for a test drive. During the test drive, be sure to note how the vehicle performs when starting and stopping. In addition, while cruising, check to see if the UTV can reach the speeds expected of it. Typically, UTVs are designed to be faster and more powerful than ATVs with maximum speeds of between 25mph and 50 mph. However, they are not as nimble.

Check for Warning Signs of Deception

There are many UTVs for sale, but unfortunately, some sellers can be very deceptive. That's why you should do your due diligence to ensure you don't lose your hard-earned money by purchasing a defective product. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can spot a not-so-transparent seller. For instance, if the seller doesn't want to answer your questions directly or discuss the UTV at length, then this might be a red flag.

Ideally, the seller should be forthcoming with all relevant details including why they are selling the UTV. The reason behind selling is especially important if you're buying a second-hand model. You don't want to find out too late that the reason the seller got rid of the UTV was because of the lack of availability of custom parts.

Inspect the UTV Thoroughly

A test drive allows you to check out the UTV's performance on the road. But even after you have parked there are many things to inspect. The list includes checking the oil and coolant levels. You should also check the gas tank, tires, frame, and overall appearance.

Any time you see a desirable UTV for sale, you can confidently check it out using these tips. This ensures that you end up with a UTV that suits your preferences and needs. When all is done and dusted, we hope you will thoroughly enjoy owning and using your UTV!

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Why You Should Invest in a Jet Ski

Jet skis can be a good investment. That's why a lot of people are taking an interest in them nowadays. For instance, in 2017, there were about 5.42 million participants in jet skiing. While they might seem like they are only for fun, there are a lot of other benefits you can get from a jet ski. Here are some of the benefits to consider before searching jet skis for sale near me.

They Are Fun!

That's probably the first reason why anyone would consider buying a jet ski. They are a lot of fun. Imagine skimming in the water and performing a lot of stunts with your family and friends. No one will deny that owning a jet ski will enable you to have a lot of fun. This is why many people find the experience rather addictive. If you are skeptical, why not give it a try? You can quickly take a course on how to ride one, and ensure that you are aware of the safety tips, then try one out. If you are not willing to take a course, you can simply go out on a ride with an experienced friend.

Reliable Piece of Investment

If you buy a jet ski, you will probably keep it for many years. They are very durable, and their value is almost always the same. That is one of the reasons why jet skis are considered a great asset. You can be sure that your money is not going to waste.

Exercise Opportunities and a Healthy Lifestyle

Taking time to be active can be great for your health. Riding a jet ski can utilize a lot of strength. Therefore it can be classified as exercise. It also promotes the growth of muscles and helps you to get and stay fit. Plus, after you are done with your jet ski, you can simply dive into the water and go for a swim.

A Source of Income

Unless you stay right by the ocean side, chances are you don't use your jet ski a lot. Instead of having it sit around gathering dust, you can simply rent it out and make some money. You can use this money to pay for your jet ski maintenance.

To buy a jet ski, just go online and search for 'jet skis for sale'. This search will yield a lot of options. All you need to do is figure out which is the best one to buy. You can also search for 'jet skis for sale near me'. This will present you with the sellers closest to you so that you can do an easier transaction.

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Why You Should Own a Kawasaki Motorcycle Today

Anyone who is thrilled by speed will enjoy owning any one of the different Kawasakis out there. A big brand that has been in existence since the 1960s, this popular brand of motorcycles is a force to reckon with. Here are three good reasons why you should make it a point to own a Kawasaki motorcycle today.

A Marvel in Races and Competitions

A part of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the design and build of the very first Kawasakis made use of ground-breaking technology. The lineup of Kawasaki models has lived up to their name, continuously showing up as speed icons and legendary motorcycles that gave enviable power to competing riders worth their title. They have been part of many competitions, winning prestigious titles over the years especially in a number of World Superbike Championships. This championship is notable as it is based on production bikes, the same motorcycles that can be purchased by anyone from a Kawasaki dealer.

Made With Superior Technology

With years of experience from success on different racetracks, the best technologies are constantly adapted to Kawasakis available for sale to the public. Paying close attention to the safety of riders, you will experience features such as a good suspension, high-end brakes, ABS, traction control, and more. The stunning designs are enough to build a rider's confidence as well as gain admiration from not only professional bikers, but everyone else.

Genuine Parts and Accessories

Should you ever experience issues with your Kawasaki motorcycle and need to replace a part, you will have no trouble getting genuine parts at great prices. This is because there are many Kawasakis on the market, as well as authorized dealers and workshops. You therefore won't be forced to wait for long to have parts sourced and your treasured Kawasaki fixed. Choosing a model you like and can handle is also going to be fairly easy. Thanks to a range of bikes covering different sizes, capacities, and more specifications, there really is a Kawasaki for every rider out there.

With 136,901 registered motorbikes in MO alone in 2018, it is easy to see that bikes are growing in popularity. If you want to be a part of the thrill, choosing a safe, reliable model like a Kawasaki in your experience is the best thing you can do. As long as you operate your bike as intended by the makers and perform regular maintenance, you will get great service from your Kawasaki.

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How to Tune and Customize a Used Motorcycle

Tuning and customizing used motorcycles is truly not for the faint of heart, but it is not an impossible task either as long as you follow the right steps. It is a fulfilling hobby if you are willing to learn how to do it. Here are a few tips to help you become a pro who can fix those used Harley Davidson motorcycles you've been eyeing for a while now.

Assess Your Skills

It is okay to be a complete newbie, everyone starts somewhere, after all. What is not okay is to bite off more than you can chew by buying a completely dead motorcycle and hoping to have it up and running in a short time. If something looks above your paygrade, don't be afraid to take it to a professional mechanic. Or, if you're unsure where to start, look at used bikes at a shop. Those bikes will have to be at a certain level in order for them to be sold to you, so you already know that they should be good to go.

Allocate Enough Time and Money

Customization of used motorcycles will consume a lot of time and money, so it is best to budget both accordingly. Used Harley Davidson motorcycles, for instance, will cost you quite a bit to buy as well as get the right tools and parts for. The finest things in life always cost a bit more, so the money you put into a Harley will always be worth it.

Find The Right Motorcycle to Customize

This is a crucial step because it has the potential to either keep you going or break your will. It is also important to pick the right one that can meet your goals. As we said before, it's a good idea to go for a running motorcycle as you develop your skills. With up to half of all the motorcycles that were registered in 2018 being at least 11 years old, you are sure to find a few potential used bikes if you look patiently enough.

It is easy to get carried away and start searching online for used Harley Davidson motorcycles immediately, but it's very important to do the proper research beforehand. As long as you follow the tips mentioned above and know what you're getting yourself into, you will surely have the bike of your dreams in no time.

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Is There a Difference Between a Motorcycle and a Dirt Bike?

In the United States, the number of registered on-road motorcycles went from 4.2 million in 2002 to 8.3 million by 2018, just about double. Motorcycles are popular with many people and millions take to the roads every year to experience the freedom that only they can bring. However, motorcycles and dirt bikes aren't the same things, and if you're eyeing dirt bikes for sale thinking about using them the same way as a motorcycle, you may want to think twice.

Different Tires

One difference between dirt bikes and motorcycles is that dirt bikes have tires with extra treads for more traction. They are also more narrow for quick maneuvering off-road. Motorcycles have wider tires that are more suited for smooth riding on roads.

Size and Frame

If you've noticed dirt bikes for sale, you may have noticed that they are smaller than road-driving motorcycles. They also lack extra features like radios that many motorcycles feature. Additionally, most motorcycles are made from metal with heavy engines and wide seats. Dirt bikes, on the other hand, are often made from plastic to be lightweight and they aren't made for long, comfortable rides along roadways.

In terms of frames, a dirt bike is much lighter and smaller, so that it can be maneuvered through rugged off-road conditions. This allows them to be more easily controlled by the riders. However, motorcycles are far heavier, and they are built to ride smoothly. They are not as maneuverable and are built instead for steady control on flat roads.


The suspension system on a dirt bike is made to be able to absorb a lot of shock. This means that they use a system that is comprised of hydraulics and spring shocks. While some motorcycles use hydraulics in their suspension systems, they are not designed to withstand the type of abuse that a dirt bike is designed for. Instead, they are more suited and designed for flat roads without the need for a lot of shock absorption.

Which Bike Is Right For You?

If you're looking at dirt bikes for sale with the idea that you can ride them along the roads, you may want to think again. Before deciding which type of bike is right for you, consider the use that you want it for. If you want to go off-roading, a dirt bike is best. However, for riding on the open road, you'll want to invest in a quality motorcycle.

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Pontoon Boat

Over the last decade, the resurgence of outboard motors is pushing more Americans to the market in search of boats for sale. One main beneficiary is pontoon boats that are on a straight-up renaissance. It is estimated that the pontoon boat market is bound to reach over $2.5 billion in sales by 2025.

As temperatures continue to soar this summer, nothing would be better than taking out your boat for a day out in the water. Pontoon boats now come in different capabilities and functionalities, from Powersports to personal watercraft for fishing and leisure travel. Proper maintenance can add years to your boat’s service and maintain its fresh look. You may also avoid pricey repairs.

Here are five simple steps that can help keep your pontoon in top condition this summer.

1. Frequently Wash and Clean Your Boat

You may need to clean your boat inside and out after a day out in the water before storage. You may need to wash everything, from the propeller shafts to the cabinet drawers on deck. Clean the fiberglass and aluminum components with the right cleaning solutions. Aluminum may require a dedicated cleaner that ensures that your surfaces maintain their bright and polished finish. Rinse adequately to prevent any soap build-up on your boat.

2. Conduct Regular Checks

You may need to inspect your pontoon boat’s engine, oil levels, spark plugs, and battery. Remember to change your fuel filters. You can consult your manufacturer’s guide on the owner’s manual on the best way to look after your engine. Pontoon boats may also require regular inspection of the exterior for cracks, corrosion, dents, or leaks. Check for mold or mildew growth and have it removed if present. Maintenance service at the boat dealer may ensure it is in a water-ready condition.

3. Cover Your Pontoon When Not in Use

If you aren’t out in the water, cover your boat. You can opt for acrylic, polyester, or vinyl covers custom-made for your pontoon. Be wary of abrasive materials that can damage your finishing when exposed to wind. The cover can protect your boat from rodents, moisture, and mildew formation. You may also get seat covers to protect your upholstery.

4. Remember to Protect Your Gel Coat

Pontoon boats may require additional protection from the sun. Experts recommend that you wax your hull and pontoon tube to protect the laminate. The superior UV filters can protect your exterior from the harsh marine environment. Store your pontoon in a sheltered place whenever possible, preferably indoors.

5. Furniture And Floor Clean-Up

Your furniture and flooring may require additional care during your clean-up process. Experts recommend a thorough cleaning of the furniture and floorboards twice a year. This means washing with soap and water, stain removal, and vacuuming. Be sure to test out your cleaning products on a small surface first to ensure you don’t damage your upholstery. You may need to wait till your interior completely air dries before storing up the boat for winter.

Knowing how to clean and maintain your pontoon boat is critical to its lifespan and performance. The tips above will help protect your investment this summer and in many to come. For more information about pontoon boats, reach out to Young Blood Powersports and Marine.

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5 Factors To Consider When Buying Pontoon Boats For Sale

Recreational boating remains a popular leisure activity for many American households. A market report by Statista shows that over 89 million Americans participated in recreational boating in 2019. The respondents mentioned water skiing, fishing, and travel as their top activities while out in the water.

If you have been looking at boats for sale, you have probably realized that it can be quite confusing. Pontoon boats are in the middle of a full-blown renaissance. New, lighter, more powerful engines, novel tube designs, better quality build materials now differentiate the newer models from the traditional “party barge.”

Here are five factors to keep in mind as you pay a visit to the boat dealer in Springfield, MO.

1. Purpose

The activities that you intend to perform on the boat for sale may have a huge bearing on the model and accessories that you pick. Do you love fishing? Or are you an adventure freak that loves watersports and travel? Fishing boats may require adequate fishing chairs, trolling motor, live wells, and rod holders. For leisure travels, comfy coaches, slides, and refrigeration units are desirable features. A platform and ladder are vital if you wish to utilize the boat for watersports.

2. New Vs. Pre-Owned

A key factor to keep in mind is whether to drive off the boat dealership with a new pontoon or used boat. New boats for sale allow you to purchase a unit without any wear or tear, with the latest tech and a solid warranty cover. A pre-owned boat is an excellent option for budget-conscious customers.

3. Boat Condition

Buying a new pontoon may reduce the worry of having to purchase a damaged boat. For pre-owned boats for sale, you may need to conduct a thorough inspection. Check the hull and pontoon tubes for damage. Watch out for extensive patching, welding, cracks, and dents. The laminate ought to be free of bubbles and wrinkles—request for maintenance and service records for the unit.

Watch out for damage to the boat’s interior and flooring. Rot and mold growth can be a huge red flag with potential issues on the structural integrity. You may need a professional reupholstery job if the seat and cushion fabrics are damaged extensively.

4. Size and Engine Capacity

The size of the boat that you purchase may depend on its intended use. Pontoon boats come in different sizes. 16–19-foot boats can carry eight passengers on calm waters, 20–22-foot boats can carry 13 people in large waterways, while 23–27-foot boats can carry up to 17 passengers across rough waters.

The size and purpose of the boat may determine the horsepower needed. Consider how fast you wish to go, the fuel you can afford to burn, and the performance upgrades you wish to have.

5. Budget and Warranties

You may need to determine how much you are willing to splash on your pontoon. You can access marine lenders for a flexible boat financing option. You may need to ask the warranties that the boat seller provides to shield you from expensive repairs down the road.

Only Buy from Trusted Dealers

Owning a boat can make your watersport activities easier to participate in. If you are searching for pontoon boards for sale in Springfield, MO, visit us today. Youngblood Powersports and Marine have a huge selection of pontoon boats by Sun Chaser as well as personal watercrafts for sale.

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Fun Ways to Customize Your Quad


The thrill of blazing down mud, rocky paths, ice, or snow while riding an All-Terrain Vehicle is an amazing experience. Sports ATVs are lightweight Quads that range in size from 250cc up to 700cc. Customizing the ATV to meet your personal needs makes riding it more fun since a person experiences greater pride in their ride. The following are some ways you can use to customize your Quad.

Paints and Decals

Decals and paintings on a person's all-terrain vehicle express their personality. Although this may not seem essential when purchasing your first ATV, you should consider it. Personalizing an ATV with your preferred decals and paints is an excellent method to exhibit your personality. You can also swap colors to make the vehicle look more appealing and unique. Decals such as graphics of your logo, name, or racing number can also work perfectly. You can also include decals based on your personal contact.

Change out the Tires

Although your ATV may be powerful, it's the tires that make it an all-terrain wheeler. Although ATV tires are designed to handle various terrains, it may be impossible to handle extreme conditions. As an adventurer focusing on creating a custom Quad, its wheels should be your priority. You can change the existing tires to enable you to ride over existing conditions like ice, sand, and rocky terrain.

Brakes Upgrades

Many riders buy ATVs to experience the adventure and fun of rough terrain states. Therefore, having a well-maintained and effective braking system is essential for your safety. In many cases, ATV fanatics opt for mounting aftermarket braking systems. A well-customized brake system guarantees a comfortable ride along cliffs without worrying about brake failures.

Upgrade to LED Lights

Most Quads have traditional bulbs bulb lights. These lights are less effective than the LED light bulbs. Installing LED bulbs in an ATV enhances safety, style, and visibility. There are various types of lights. They include LED headlights, fog lights, taillights, and stylish license plate frames. A powerful LED light setup is ideal for a person who loves riding until it's dark. You can also customize your LED lights to meet your preferred needs if you have the right resources.

As an adventurous individual, possessing and riding an ATV is an amazing experience. It is even more exciting if you opt to customize it to meet your preferred needs. Fortunately, there are many ways to customize an ATV, as seen above.

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A Fascinating History of the Indian Motorcycle

Indian motorcycle shop

Indian Motorcycle Company is a pioneer motorcycle firm in America. Their commitment is based on American craftsmanship, focusing on enduring quality to produce motorcycles. Indian Motorcycles inspire a rapidly growing rider economy. The following is a brief history of the firm.

Becoming Legendary: The First Motorcycle Firm in America (1897 - 1952)

George M. Hendee, the industry pioneer, founded a bicycle manufacturer named Hendee Manufacturing Company in 1987. In 1901, Hendee and his co-founder and chief engineer, Oscar Herdstrom, opened the firm's first factory in downtown Springfield.

Later on, the company experienced tremendous growth based on innovation and motorcycle production. This created the foundation of real American riding culture. In 1923, the firm renamed itself The Indian Motorcycle Company. The firm exhibited surprising resilience in its early years of existence due to its trailblazing success in innovation. Its success records continued regardless of the two world wars and the Great Depression. Surprisingly, despite its brand survival during those tumultuous periods, the company's considerable to the two world wars offered crucial vehicles to both French and American troops on the ground.

Tumultuous Eras and the Struggle for Survival: 1953 - 2010

The company's termination of the manufacture of all its models in 1953 started a 50-year break in its rich history. Despite numerous efforts during this era and the trademark 'Indian Motorcycle' on numerous imported bikes, these tumultuous times were characterized by many changes in ownership. These changes contributed to the divergence of the general success path laid by Indian Motorcycle pioneers. The uncertainty period ended when the Polaris Industry purchased the Company in 2011. This ushered in the renewed success of the company, as witnessed in its early sustained growth.

The Return of the Company: 2011 And Beyond

The 2010s have been a period full of thrilling growth and development for the Indian Motorcycle shop. Rejuvenated by Polaris Industries' acquisition in 2011, the company has since resumed its position as a trailblazer, as witnessed in its early years. The current Indian Motorcycle Company embraces rewarding partnerships, result-based technological innovation, and an ever-growing lineup of authentic and iconic bikes.

Restoring the firm's legacy as a military supporter, the company started a multi-year collaboration with the Veteran's Charity Ride to Sturgis in 2015. The Veteran's Charity Ride is a non-profit institute that focuses on providing curative experiences for severely injured, wounded, and amputee troupers from all military service divisions.

Indian Motorcycle shop continues to be a leading brand in the American riding industry despite its previous ups and downs. The Indian Motorcycle shop has also continued to grow in the U.S. For instance, the number of registered on-road motorcycles in the country grew to 8.3 million in 2018 from 4.2 million in 2002.

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